The 'Powerful Women' WhatsApp Group is The Hottest Ticket In Town!

On October 22 2019, a simple message sparked a journey that would lead to the creation of something truly extraordinary. It began with a reach-out to Valeri Bocage, the CEO/President of Powerful Women International Connections, proposing the idea of a WhatsApp group to facilitate networking among members. Little did I know that this initial conversation would give birth to a community that has grown far beyond expectations.

The Birth and Evolution:

The WhatsApp group, aptly named 'Powerful Women,' came into existence at 4:41 pm UK time on that fateful day. However, it soon became apparent that Valeri wasn't particularly fond of the platform. Nevertheless, I decided to nurture the group, inviting exceptional women who shared a common drive to do great things.

From that point forward, the group took on a life of its own. Its purpose became clear: to foster an environment of networking and collaboration among women making significant strides in their respective fields. Though the group primarily focuses on women, 'good' men are allowed entry if they extend an invitation to a woman.

The Diverse Community:

The group's membership spans the globe, with remarkable individuals hailing from diverse industries and backgrounds. It's a space where extraordinary women gather to connect, share insights, and uplift one another. There's Saray Khumalo (ACG), an adventurer and the first BAME woman to conquer Mount Everest. Kaley Chu from Sydney, whose life transformed through lunch conversations with 100 strangers. Jo Berry has become friends with the man who murdered her father who demonstrates the power of forgiveness. Joanna Toch is the UK's leading family law expert .Desiree Peterkin Bellis an Award-Winning Political, Branding and Communications Strategist who used to work with Barack Obama. Mary Pagano is building a City ispired by women. Shelli Brunswickis a preeminent SpaceTech thought leader. Lesley Batchelor CBE os an exporting expert. Catherine Carltonis former Mayor of Menlo Park in Silicon Valley..Justine Zwerlinghas been named as 'Entrepreneurial Superwoman' by Jerusalem Post.Sally Eavesis known as the torchbearer for ethical tech. The list goes on, representing a vibrant tapestry of incredible women.

The Magic of Connection:

To truly experience the group's essence, members meet daily on virtual networking platform meeow. These gatherings allow for genuine connections to form, as individuals can see and hear one another. It is during these moments that the real magic happens, friendships are solidified, and collaboration flourishes.

The Symbolic Rosie the Riveter:

The group's logo is Rosie the Riveter, an icon from World War II. My mentor John Belluomini, a global business and social impact leader, shared that he named his daughter Rosie after her. Sadly both of them are no longer with us, but I draw some comfort knowing that he is now with her. The group's icon will remain as it is in perpetuity in her memory, honoring her resilience and strength.

A Commitment to Empowerment:

The Powerful Women group is just one of more than 500 communities I manage, several of which designed to empower women in various fields. Recognizing the underrepresentation of women in venture capital, the 'Women In VC' group was created to bridge that gap. 'Women Engineers Unite!' is another platform dedicated to supporting women in engineering.


Within every woman lies the power to create, nurture, and transform. The Powerful Women WhatsApp group stands as a testament to the extraordinary contributions made by women across the globe. It has become a space where connections are forged, collaboration is fostered, and women lift one another to new heights. I am humbled and in awe of the remarkable individuals who make this community what it is.

To honor the spirit of women, my creative genius friend Eitan created this extraordinary video to celebrate them. It serves as a tribute to all women, capturing their indomitable strength and endless potential.

I invite you to join me in celebrating women in business, women's empowerment, and the power of connecting through platforms like WhatsApp. Together, we can continue to uplift and empower them. 🙏❤️