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Virtual Networking

Here's what you'll learn

WhatsApp logoWhatsApp.
Discover how to leverage WhatsApp for networking and master best practices.
LinkedIn logoLinkedIn.
Explore how LinkedIn and WhatsApp enhance each other’s use. Learn the synergy.
Access to a plethora of events, both virtually and in real life.
Get introduced to other networking groups globally.
Master key networking strategies such as posing open-ended questions and practicing active listening.
Value Proposition.
Learn to express your value proposition clearly and succinctly to convey what you offer.
Group Etiquette.
Understand the essentials of group interactions on WhatsApp, including appropriate tone, post frequency, and adherence to group norms.
Engagement Techniques.
Gain insights on enhancing engagement by soliciting opinions, fostering discussions, and more.


The ultimate networking masterclass

Become a master virtual networker in just 30 days


An intensive 30 day masterclass in virtual networking


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