✈ InFlight Introductions - Exclusive New Service!

Traditionally, flying has been one of those rare moments when travelers could disconnect from their digital lives and enjoy digital detox. Not anymore. My new niche service bridges the gap between airborne isolation and meaningful connections, allowing travellers to meet interesting new people at their destination.

In a world where connectivity is key, I am taking networking to new heights with my innovative service, ' ✈ In-Flight Introductions.'

Recently, I introduced CEO Sujata Tiwari to realtor Elliot Bogod while she was en route to New York. Two days later, they met for a book-swap breakfast. These are the kinds of connections that can transform a journey into a life-changing opportunity.”

The 'InFlight Introductions' service leverages my extensive network and expertise in managing digital communities to help travelers meet interesting and relevant individuals at their destination. Whether it's for business, cultural exchange, or simply making new friends, this service ensures that passengers maximize their travel experiences.

Frequent travellers are often time-poor. Networking remains an inherent part of the human condition - we are all hardwired to network and grow our tribes. And the chances are good that I already have a WhatsApp group that’s relevant as I have most countries and cities covered. WhatsApp really is global.