DAILY Meet-Ups On Meeow!

Virtual Power Networking (VPN) is the epicentre of omnichannel hybrid virtual networking, where virtual and reality converge seamlessly. At its core are more than 500 WhatsApp groups full of some of the world’s leading thought leaders and entrepreneurs.

The Meeow Online Networking environment will allow existing members to get to know one another better, whilst non-members can learn more about VPN and meet them.

Event Highlights:

• Purposeful Networking: Meeow’s unique format will match attendees in rooms of up to 4, ensuring intimate and meaningful interactions.

• Share Stories: Everyone has a journey. Share yours, listen to others, and discover common threads that bind the VPN and Meoee communities together.

• Ideate Collaboratively: Brainstorm, discuss the latest trends, share innovative ideas, and get feedback from peers.

• Lend Support: Whether it’s discussing the challenges you're facing or the triumphs you've achieved, find comfort in a community that understands.

• Empower Business Success: Enhance your expertise, gather actionable insights, and build relationships that can lead to new opportunities and collaborations.

Who should attend?

• All self-employed people

• Anyone whose remit is Business Development

• Young People (Networking remains the best way to work)

• Seniors

How it works:

• Register for the online networking event and mark your calendar.

• Log in to Meeow.com at the scheduled time.

• Ensure you click to enter the meeting before 3 mins past the hour.

• Be automatically matched in rooms of up to 4.

• Engage, connect, and grow!